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Best Marathon in the World 2019

What do you think is the best Marathon in 2019? New York, London, Boston, Paris, Berlin, Singapore? Let Da Pollsters…

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Top 20 Christmas Songs

Whether you’re travelling home, attending a holiday party or simply trying to get hyped up for Christmas, a holiday soundtrack…

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DaPolls favourite character in the cast of Friends

Friends is an American television sitcom celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year – since its inception in 2004. Who is…

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Most popular car brands in Great Britain

What do you think is the most popular Car Brand /maker in Great Britain? Let Da Pollsters decide in this…

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Britain’s Fast Food Chain – Ranked

Fast food was originally created as a commercial strategy to accommodate the larger numbers of busy commuters, travellers and wage…

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Britain’s Top Pets – Ranked

Pets have become part of many families and are often considered to be extended family (living, eating, and even sleeping…

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Britain’s Top Dogs – Ranked

Dogs are usually referred to as a “Mans best Friend” and we in Britain love our pooches. There are 7…

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DaPolls English Premier Clubs – Ranked

With the Top 20 clubs spread across England, which English Premier Club do you believe is the most popular –…

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Favourite Christmas Food

During Christmas, family and friends get together for a myriad of activities – ranging from carolling, exchanging gifts, checking out…